Accolades & Press
for Sara Lovell


2016 Parents' Choice Gold Award


Sara Lovell taps into that place in childhood where the everyday can become fantastical at the drop of a hat.
— Lynne Heffley, Parents' Choice Awards
If you’re looking for something sweet and feel good to sing along to with the kids you can’t go past the gorgeous album ‘You’ve Got Me’ by songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Sara Lovell.”
— Babyology
Recently I was given this beautiful music CD entited ‘You’ve Got Me’...Sara Lovell has a beautiful voice and her songs are fun!...We have had some great dance parties listening right in our living room. This is a wonderful CD for kids!
— Adventures of a Thrifty Mom
Lovell has crafted a kid’s record with adult sensibilities and production values...a record that won’t drive you crazy when the kiddies want to hear it over and over and over in the car.
— Midwest Record
Fanciful, carefree, and a joy to share, ‘You’ve Got Me’ is highly recommended.”
— Midwest Book Review
…imaginative lyrics, sparkling harmonies, intriguing musical layers-and above all, writing, instrumentation, and performance shaped to match the mood and content of each winning song…”
— Winner, Parents’ Choice® Award
…its combination of youthful topics and adult melody and rhythms launches it into the realm of these classic artists.
— Adventures With Jude (and Friends)
I dare you to resist dancing and shimmying with. (Is it terrible to admit I put this one on repeat for a 20-minute car ride...and I was the only person in the car?)… I think this is going to be one of my favorite albums, no matter how old they grow!
— Adventures With Jude (and Friends) children and I really enjoy her music and love singing along in the car! Sara Lovell has a beautiful voice and her songs are fun!
— Adventures of a Thrifty Mom
Lovell’s voice is the bright spot of ‘You’ve Got Me,’ punctuating each song like beams of sunlight finding their way through a leafy tree branch. She’s also keenly adept at making each of these wonderful songs sound different from the rest. Highly recommended.
— Dan Pavelich, Kenosha News
This album really spoke to me, it is a magical musical letter written in song to children.”
— Aruplife
…it’s aces all the way. As long as you’re trying to keep junior away from processed, sugary treats...follow the theme you’ve created and slip this in to their mix. Hot stuff throughout.
Songs about dreams of a furry alligator puppy, the human body, skeletons, ships, and runaway socks fill this delightful 18-track release.
— Mainline Parent
One thing is for haven’t heard another artist doing the same cool hybrid styles of music. This girl hypnotized me. Imagine yourself a musical mix between Kate Bush, Tori Amos, Prince, Peter Gabriel...”
Truth-tellers unite!...”
— Kate Klein, KMUD, Humbolt County, CA
Sara Lovell goes right for your gut as a listener with lyrics that are incisive, witty and progressive...
— Vick Mickunas, WYSO, Dayton
Great music with a great message, and great phones on ‘Evolution!’